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Kickich 1 and 2 liter available

Kick-ich is for marine and freshwater ich. It is safe for marine fish, corals and inverst and will not affect nitrifying bacteria. The bottle has dosage and is biodegradable.



Hydroplex 1 and 2 liter available

Hydroplex is a water treatment for control of bacteria, external parasite and fungi and algae. A great dip for new livestock and plants.



Boyd Chemi-pure 6oz, 11oz, 40oz available

Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Elite carbon and ion filter medium comes pre-packaged in a nylon filter bag. Removes copper, metal ions, odors, medications, and all pollution. Chemi-Pure Elite is the same as Chemi-Pure, but additionally with ferric oxide to remove phosphates and silicates.

Price $26.99

Emperor400 Filter Unite 400 gph

Trap more dirt and debris as they remove harmful contaminants with faster-acting Black Diamond carbon filtration. Removes copper, metal ions, odors, medications, and all pollution.

Price $78.99

Emperor280 Filter Unite 280 gph

Flow and filtration efficiencies unmatched by other filters in their class; as much as twice the filter cartridge capacity; additional chemical filtration capability; extra effective, spray bar-driven BIO-Wheelwet/dry biological filtration.

Price $59.99

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