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the Bullet-1 is a potent skimmer. Efficient to 150g, we challenge you to find a more powerful skimmer built like this one.

Price $330


The Bullet-2 is the first of all of the Bullet skimmers designed. This skimmer is a workhorse on tanks to 250 gallons. If you have a 100g system now, but are planning to upgrade, this is an excellent choice.

Price $335


Rated to 400 gallons, this is the third Bullet skimmer in the series. When you fire up this skimmer , you will be amazed to see the entire height of the column fill with fine white foam.

Price $576


The most potent of the Bullet Series, the XL’s mean serious business. When it comes to stripping water of organics, there is no better.

Price $740

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