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90 Gallon Black With One Overflow All Glass Aquarium Co.

The MegaFlow Overflow System by All-Glass Aquarium is engineered to allow maximum water flow to the main filter system, while greatly reducing cascading water sound. The MegaFlow Overflow System design draws water from the surface, mid-range, and bottom levels of your aquarium. This provides more effective circulation and filtration, which helps eliminate dead water zones in your aquarium, significantly out-performing the competition with a maximum flow through rate of 600 G.P.H. per overflow. The MegaFlow Overflow if securely bonded and sealed to the back wall of the aquarium with silicone making it rugged and durable - allowing the user to stack rock Or decorations up against it. The back wall mounted design also keeps unsightly plumbing from being seen. Aquariums up to 110 gallons are fitted with one MegaFlow Overflow and are rated for a maximum flow through of 600 G.P.H. (Using a rated 2,400 G.P.H. pump at a 5 foot head). Aquariums over 110 gallons are fitted with two MegaFlow Overflows and are rated for a maximum flow through of 1,200 G.P.H. Water flows in from the bottom, middle, and top inlets and spills over inner wall of overflow into reservoir. Unfiltered water passes through drain pipe and out of Tank to main filter system. Filtered water is pumped back into tank.
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